Literature Committee

A.A. co-founder Bill W., who often called the influence of A.A. literature
“incalculable,” wrote in the May 1964 issue of the Grapevine, “Suppose, for
instance, that during the last twenty-five years A.A. had never published any
standard literature… no books, no pamphlets. We need little imagination to
see that by now our message would be hopelessly garbled. Our relations
with medicine and religion would have become a shambles. To alcoholics
generally we would today be a joke and the public would have thought us a
riddle. Without its literature, A.A. would certainly have bogged down in a
welter of controversy and disunity.” (The Language of the Heart, p. 348)
The Literature Committee exists primarily to educate the fellowship about
Conference approved literature and related service material and most
importantly to maintain the integrity of the A.A. message. In its operations,
the Area 26 Literature Committee utilizes the suggestions contained in the
A.A. Guidelines on Literature (MG-09). Literature Committee reviews Conference approved literature and
makes recommendations for revisions or new literature to the Area
Committee. The Committee also maintains a comprehensive literature
display which is available for use at workshops, conventions, area meetings
and assemblies; and members of the committee are available to conduct
workshops or participate in panels .

Annually, the Area Literature Committee reviews and discusses the agenda
and background material concerning the Conference Committee on
Literature; and the views of the Committee are shared with the Area 26

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material, see and

Conference approved literature and service material may be obtainedvia the
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