Accessabilities Committee

Suggestions for making your meeting place more accessible:

  • Always unlock wheelchair entrance door(s) when unlocking main entrance.
  • Keep wheelchair ramps and/or entrances clear of any obstacle’s which
    may hinder access.
  • Space chairs and tables with adequate room for individuals with
    mobility devices to maneuver around the meeting area freely (without
  • Place coffee pots back from the end of tables In a position where a
    cup will slide under the spout and rest on the table.
  • Have microphone/amplifier available for chair persons, speakers &
    readers (seldom is a non amplified voice loud enough for an
    individual who has a hearing problem).
  • Be open to the possibility of having certified sign interpreter for
    an individual who is hearing impaired.
  • Try to set up the meeting the same way each week eg. (arrange
    seating, speaker podium, coffee pots, in the same place each
    meeting). If you move and reorganize things, it’s only hiding
    whatever has been moved to a blind or vision impaired individual.
  • Freely offer rides to and from meetings when possible (reasons are
  • Don’t interfere if an individual with disability is doing a task for
    his or her self (even if it may look awkward to you. It is OK to ask
    if he or she needs help, rather than just jump in and take over.
  • When closing a meeting, have the chairperson ask everyone to stand
    in place and Say the “Lord’s Prayer” (more often than not. It is
    unnecessarily difficult for a person with disability to join in on a
    circle around the room)

Contact Area 26 Special Needs Committee Chairperson at

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